The Best Portable Hammock

Wherever You Go With the ATV For Sure You Need a Hammock

The best way to interact, explore, and appreciate the magnificence of nature is going out camping. Unlike the holiday in a five-star hotel where everything is set for you, the campground requires campers to carry everything from food to resting items.

To explore the neighborhood easily and enjoy more, always ensure to take the ATV with you. It is rugged and can conquer even the most rugged train. If you take the ATV, you should also take the Hammock. Here are the benefits of using a camping hammock.

Camping hammock brings extra comfort

While the common tents are pitched on the ground, the camping hammock is tied to two trees so that it remains elevated from the ground. Therefore, you are sure of sleeping free from rocks, twigs, and uneven ground. Even if it starts raining, you are assured of extra comfort because must and run-off water cannot get inside.

It is this special comfort that comes with the hammock is making more campers do away with the conventional tent. It is the surest way to relax comfortably and make the wild a home away from home.

Guarantees extra versatility

When people set out camping, the section to pitch tent must be selected with a lot of care. You cannot pitch the tent on a very steep section, rocky terrain, over a river, or on a hill. However, a camping hammocks allows you to camp virtually anywhere. As long as you have some trees, the camping hammock allows one to camp across a river, on the hill, and even uneven ground.

Ease of setting up

Unlike the camping tents that require complex setting, the camping hammock is relatively simple to set and use. To be precise, a tent will require hours to set up while a perfect hammock can be setup in less than 5 minutes.

This is very important especially when people are tired, it is getting late, or want to enjoy camping with a difference.

Camping hammock is super light

One challenge of camping with tents is that they are very heavy. You must carry a lot of tenting materials that can be very inconveniencing.

However, the camping hammock is very light and allows the user to carry more camping essentials. For example, a standard camping hammock that is fitted with mosquito netting and rain fly weighs about 3 pounds.

Delivers extra openness

Users who have used camping hammock report an extra sense of satisfaction because of the unique connection to nature.

As an open platform, the user can enjoy the more fresh air and scenic sites in the camping site. If the forecast indicates, it will rain, simply put the rain tarp and continue enjoying your music or reading the favorite novel.

Travelling with an ATV and a hammock in the woods will deliver great satisfaction because you can pull over and relax without worrying about bugs or precipitation. You can also take longer in the woods and get a better connection without carrying heavy camping tents.


Where Can I Get an ATV And How Much Does it Costs

Buying an ATV demands extra care and focus on details. Unlike cars that you can sample what is running on the road, ATVs are fewer and technical.

To get the best ATV, you need to read reviews done by experts and follow past clients’ feedbacks. You also need to compare the manufacturers to establish those who are committed to quality. There are three main methods of buying an ATV.

Buy from a dealer

Many dealers are selected by respective manufacturers to take their products to the target clients. The dealers are also entrusted with marketing the ATVs and entering into deals with groups such as sports associations and clubs.

While a dealer is a great point to start when looking for a good ATV, they tend to be a little expensive because of the extended chain of distribution.

Make sure to look for a dealer with many years of experience, commits to supplying all spare parts, and provides a long warranty.

Some dealers run online stores to help clients see the type of ATVs available. These sites provide additional information including year of manufacturer, the design, and fuel economy among other info.

Some will even add reviews from experts for clients to read and make the right decision.

Buy a used ATV from other buyers

One way of acquiring an ATV is buying from past users. Some people buy ATVS to participate in competitions only to realize that they no longer need them. Others prefer to sell their ATV and rent from dealers when they want to participate in competitions.

To connect with an ATV owner who is willing to sell his ATV, consider joining racing clubs and asking the leadership to help to get a good ATV. Sports clubs are the better option because they emphasize on high standards for all the ATVs for members.

Though the cost of buying through such clubs could be low, you might be required to join their organization to get assistance acquiring the vehicle.

Buy direct from the manufacturer                         

Many dealers have opened direct lines to liaise with their target clients and sell directly. This method has become very popular as manufacturers seek to cut on costs and take ATVs to clients at more affordable rates.

Top manufacturers including Yamaha, Honda, and Polaris, and Kawasaki have their direct sales teams linking with their clients.

Where possible, it is advisable to buy directly from the manufacturer because the sales department provides all the information that clients need.

From general details to diagnostics and spares availability, the information from the manufacturer is correct and reliable. Make sure to compare various manufacturers and different ATV models before selecting the best.

The cost of ATVs

The cost of ATVs is mainly dependent on the type and engine strength. You could opt for the Sports ATV, Utility ATV, or Youth ATV. The price range of these ATVs is between $8,000 and $20,000 depending on the model of choice.

For example, a 2016 Kawasaki Teryx LE goes for $14,999 while a 2017 CAN-AM Defender Max XT HD10 is sold for 19,999 by authorized dealers. Remember that the cost could go up if you include other additions such as insurance and tools to carry for off-road driving.

Which ATV Tyres should you get for winter

Which ATV Tyres should you get for winter?

While the ATV tires that you were using in summer might still work in some cold conditions, they will be highly inefficient as winter advances.

The thick layer of snow, wet conditions and rough terrain will be difficult to conquer unless you get the right tires. Many people keep asking which ATV tires you should get for winter? Here are top 5 ATV tires you should consider using.

The ITP Holeshot

These tires are specially designed for people who target high-performance driving in their ATVs. Though the manufacturer does not call the tires snow tires, the tread patterns, shape, and size makes them among the best in the market.

They give your ATV bigger surface area to volume ratio so that the weight is spread evenly for easily cruising without getting stuck in snow.

ITP TundraCross

The ITP TundraCross is the first ATV designed tires for snow driving. The tires have about 100 carbide-tipped strong steel studs fitted on each tread.

The studs help to give the ATV better traction and braking control. Besides, they are spaced well to ensure that they do not pick a lot of mud or snow. Once you fix the tires on the ATV, rest assured of scaling even steeper sections of the mountain.

Sedona Buzzaw

These tires are designed for top performance of ATVs on the snow. The tires have large separate treads that help the ATV to dig slightly into the snow for better traction and braking.

In the field, the tires respond to the ATV weight by broadening at the lower section to avoid getting stuck in the snow.

Maxxis 4-Snow

These tires are 22 inches and ideal for both recreational ATVs and sports quads. They are made from soft rubber that easily expands when the ATV is in use making it easy to rush on the snow without digging in. Besides, the firm treads help to give the ATV better traction and guarantee the rider of better control.

Kenda K299 Bear Claw

This is one of the best mud tires that will work perfectly well in snow conditions. The treads are designed to run along the tire’s longitudes that make them work as a sand paddle.

Because the treads are not deep and the tire is wide enough, it is a great option for your ATV during winter.

While ATVs are designed for off-road driving, their capabilities are usually limited by the type of tires you use. Select any of the outlined tires to get better traction, control, and thrill of racing or exploring any area with snow.

Essential ATV Accessories for Winter

To explore winter for recreational or racing purposes, one of the best methods is using ATVs. Like the traditional horses, ATVs are ideal for off-road driving to help you have fun, explore the mountains, or even hunt in the woods. To enjoy every moment on your ATV, it is very important to maintain it in top condition.

More importantly, you should have the following essential ATV accessories for winter.


This is one of the most important accessories you must always have when getting out on an ATV.  It covers the entire head so that loose materials and dirt do not hit and harm your eyes and ears.

Besides, it is a perfect shield for the head in case of a fall, especially when cruising at top speed or riding through steep terrain. Check for a helmet that is fitting and that has a good inner lining for extra comfort.

Protective Gear

Most of the ATVs are open, and you must take extra precaution by wearing the right protective clothing. You should always have long pants, gloves, long sleeve shirts, boots, and Goggles.

Note that the boots should be high enough to reach above the ankle and waterproof in case you ride through wet areas.

ATV Toolkit

This is a must have accessory for regular maintenance to ensure that the ATV is always in the best condition. In addition to the common toolkit, you will also need the following;

  • Compact spotlight and preferably store a spare battery.
  • Duct tape
  • A multi-tool knife
  • Fire starting accessories such as water-proof matches, butane lighter, and kindling
  • Map and compass for direction
  • Vise-grips

Your Cell Phone

While many may argue that the main point of going hunting in winter or racing in the snow is to get away from home, having a cell phone is very critical. You can never know when problems such as major ATV breakdown can happen or get stuck and need help.

In such a situation, you can always call home or emergency line to ask for help from the cell phone. In addition to the cell phone, make sure also to carry its charger in case the battery needs a recharge.

Tow Strap/Wench

Just like a car on the road, you should be prepared for eventualities. A tow strap and a wench are tough ropes that can be used to tow your ATV in case you are stuck or need to visit the nearest garage.

The ropes can also be used to tow a deer or secure items you are taking to the field. Note that the wench is stronger that a tow rope. It can even be used to load your ATV into a truck for transport back home.